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Confidence Booster workshop 

A 4-Week Evidence Based Transformational Journey 

Join Me on a 4-Week Transformational

What You'll Learn

In this engaging 4-week program you'll discover the keys to freeing yourself from the past and creating greater levels of self-love, happiness and fulfillment. Most of all you'll learn how to:

  • Create deeper levels of rapport with your intuitive self

  • How to discern intuitive wisdom from the voice of your ego 

  • Daily practices to awaken your true intuitive nature

  • Open yourself up to become a channel for guidance

  • Apply intuitive practices to your work, life and relationships

  • Simple strategies for activating greater levels self-belief

  • Develop greater levels of conviction in your life


Most of all you will develop the skills needed to engage your intuitive insight, make more empowered and effective decisions and create greater levels of flow, purpose and success in life.

Some of the Many Benefits

At the heart of your being is your true authentic nature. A place from which you are always connected to a deep reservoir of creativity, purpose, direction and guidance.

During this program you will gain access to the tools, practices and insights that will help you awaken, activate and trust your intuitive guidance and that will show you:

  • How to flow more intuitively and experience less stress 

  • How to connect with your authenticity and feel empowered 

  • How to trust your own inner-guidance and make decisions

  • How to develop greater trust, self-belief and confidence

  • How to intuit everyday situations and make powerful choices

  • How to access the greater field of consciousness 

  • How to channel your creativity, innovation and intelligence 

"Create the highest and grandest possible vision for your life. Because you become
what you believe."


Weekly Course Outline

Join us each week for this series of transformational classes where we will explore new ways to connect deeply with your own spiritual guidance, intuition and insight. In these sessions, you will learn new practices, tools and techniques for expanding your spiritual awareness and engaging your intuitive intelligence in everyday life.

Week 1

You are enough

4 steps to self love  

Week 2

8 ways to stop self sabotaging your success  

Week 3

Trusting yourself 

Daily habit for lasting change 

Week 4

Stepping into the Future new you 

Who Is It For?

This course is for any one that is looking to access greater levels of their own personal power, presence and energy. It is for those who are searching for greater clarity, direction and guidance in life and are ready to tap into their full creative and intuitive potential using the power of your subconscious  mind. Proven science based methods. 

Ngoc Do - 350.jpg

Ngoc Do

"Cath has shown me what it is to live, love and respect others and myself. Her Hyno workshop for stress and anxiety was truly transforming, empowering and healing.
It is a joy and pleasure being with Cath
on this journey called life."

Rachel Calleja - 350.jpg

Rachel Calleja

"No matter the medical conditions or major set-backs life has thrown at me, having regular sessions with Cath has empowered me to be the person I’ve always wanted to be, for myself and my kids. By helping me heal, and helping others along the way. Cath is more than amazing."

Suzanna Lopez - 350.jpg

Suzanna Lopez

"I can honestly say that Cath is such an empowering, passionate and dedicated practitioner, her work ethic is genuine, and she has a strong desire to improve people’s lives and assist in this process. I would highly recommend her."

Event Details

Next Course Starts: Contact our friendly team for more details


Time: Online event Limited places 


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