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5 Things to Help Reduce Stress

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Last week I was on the phone to one of my dear friend, she was so emotional after hearing from one of her neighbours that the owner of the rental properties they lived in was planning on selling up, she may have move out of her rental property she had lived in for nearly 5 years. Talk about one of the high stresses in life!

It was understandable she went straight into a panic.

Stress is often the result of the story we tell ourselves

It made me think about the times that we find ourselves hearing something from someone else which can automatically put us in a state of stress within a second.

Our minds begin to have a little negative nasty party , one negative thought brings another one and it just keeps going until it’s party time in our minds and we have made up this story in our minds that bring us into absolute panic, the chances are those thoughts probably aren’t even be true, but they make us feel that they are we start feel overwhelmed and the next thing we know we are on this emotional roller coaster ride, erhhhh…. I’m sure you can relate, yeah?

Let’s just slow down for just a minute.


Let’s just take a breath right here and now.. slooowwww downnnn, take a deep breath in through your nose.. filling your lungs with air….. hold it for a three seconds and let that breathe out… sloooowly …. through your mouth, even make some noise as you let that breath go…. and all that chatter in your mind go.

Release it all the tension…..let …. It …gooo… You may have to do this at least three times to calm your mind and body. Shifting our focus to or breath is a great way to ground ourselves. Spending time paying attention to our breath, noticing how each part of your body feels can provide some relief.

Now let’s look at the ….


Is this even true ? You heard it from someone else right ? Make sure you check the facts before you get your self crazy from worry. It might not even be true right ?

Let’s pretend ,even if the situation that got you all crazy was true , what is the worst thing that can happen? Our minds can take us straight into catastrophic thinking, which really isn’t helpful to us at all.

Taking action

Here is where you can ask yourself ...

  • What do I need to change or happen for me to feel ok ?

  • Do you need to call the agent up and find out if this is actually true ?

How often can we be wrong, and if the worst case happens that ok, we just have to re evaluate things, as scary as change can be it can bring some great opportunities our way that never would have happened if we didn’t give up what we had.

I love to do my Louise Hays affirmations here ...

I am safe in the universe and all life love and supports me.

Anytime you start to feel anxious and stressed try re focusing on your breath again, you will be surprised how quickly you start to feel better.

Reaching out

Don’t be afraid to reach out, even if it’s something that you don’t usually do, you can always choice to handle things differently if you did it challenging. Get out of your own way and just do it. Find someone yon can talk to, if you haven’t got someone in mind professionals are great too.

No matter what the situation you’re stressed about, remind yourself there will always be a solution to every situation.

If you’re not sure what the next move for is, ask for help from your friends love ones or professionals, sometimes we can be so emotionally charged to think , we may need others around us to help us get some clarity or ideas on what to do next.

Which brings me to one of my favourites things to do ….

Self compassion.

I’ll be honest and say this took a bit of getting us to for me, but now I am getting pretty good at it if I do say so myself. It feels a little bit weird at first but the more you start to go with in and nurture you, the more you will love it.

Self soothing is awesome, I personally feel we should start teaching kids this stuff,but that’s another story.

I love self compassion, giving yourself permission to say it’s ok, it can be a tuff time I am going through. Holding your hand on your heart and giving yourself love, closing your eyes and sending love from your hand to your heart and feeling that love surrounding you. Not being hard on yourself and saying all those negative things that are not helpful.

What would you say to a friend in need, how would you treat them? Be your own best friend, Treat yourself with love and compassion. Reward yourself for taking the steps to get you here.

This is the hardest time to be nice to yourself but the absolute best time, take a bath, read, draw, listen to your favourite music, do what ever you love to do.

Most importantly be so kind to yourself.

Be super good to yourselves.

With love

Cath x

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